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The Practice Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the finest in the profession by showcasing firms and individuals who are driving service standards to new heights.

For the past seven years the judges have been impressed by the ever-increasing levels of excellence achieved within the profession. Whether small or large, a team or an individual, those who champion accounting excellence deserve to be recognised for their achievements.

The awards are not just about celebrating our winners

You'll be part of a continuing programme where you help each other grow and find a business strategy that works for you.

The Practice Excellence Awards is a landmark event in the accounting calendar. This year we are hosting our gala awards ceremony at The Brewery in London on 19 October. Tables will go on sale shortly.

Join us this year and show our judges and your peers why you and your firm are worthy winners in 2017!

Entries for The Practice Excellence Awards are now closed. Good luck to all the firms who have entered this year!

We will be announcing the 2017 shortlist on the 18th of August.

The Categories

Small Practice of the Year

If you're a small firm (1-2 partners) and can demonstrate excellence in client care and a commitment to constant improvement, this is the right category for you. The judges want to hear how new service initiatives have helped your clients and will be looking for signs that you are managing the right things to keep on improving.

Medium Practice of the Year

Medium-sized, multi-partner firms (3-7 partners) have to balance service quality with consistency as the organisation expands into multiple teams and offices. If you fit this profile and successfully balance expansion with excellence while continuing improvement, this is the right category.

Large Practice of the Year

The challenge for large accountancy firms (8 or more partners) is to establish a strong identity across a range of service lines and locations. Professionalism is expected from firms of this size, so how do they communicate their unique character to the wider market?

Specialist Team of the Year

"Niche" has emerged as a key ingredient of Practice Excellence. This category is open to in-house teams of consultants, management accountants, M&A specialists, technology developers and marketers, as well as those delivering more traditional audit and tax services. Specialist multidisciplinary teams can enter too.

Innovative Firm of the Year

Does innovation run through the very heart of your firm? This category lets you shout about your approach to innovation and why it's important to your firm. As well as being recognised for their innovations, the entrants and nominees in this category are charting new frontiers for the profession. Let us know if you think you're one of accountancy's pioneering thinkers.

Practice Growth of the Year

If your firm has found the formula for rapid, but sustainable growth, this is the category to enter. You'll be asked to summarise your growth strategy over the past 2-3 years and to describe the initiatives that have driven your success. Showing an understanding of how you manage the challenges associated with growth will strengthen your case for making the shortlist.

National Tax Practice of the Year

By its very nature, tax is largely specialist work. This new Practice Excellence Awards category is designed to celebrate firms that have organised themselves to deliver tax services effectively on a national scale. If your firm fits this description, it's an opportunity for taxation specialists to get proper recognition for their excellence.

New Firm of the Year

If your firm has been trading for a minimum of one but a maximum of three years, the New Firm of the Year is designed for you. The judges will be looking to understand your business proposition and vision, your range of services and your approach to client care.

Client Service Firm of the Year

Does an obsession with client care and service flow through your firm? Tell us how that works in practice, and what tangible results your approach has achieved. Demonstrating your vision for client care and how it will support your growth and development plans for the future will be key to success in this category.

2017 Practice Excellence Pioneer

We want to find the leaders who really made an impact in the past year so we can share their insights and expertise. Service innovators, marketing strategists, technology gurus and inspirational leaders can all compete for this award. You can nominate multiple people or teams within your business, or share your vision for accountancy by nominating yourself.

Entries for The Practice Excellence Awards are now closed. Good luck to all the firms who have entered this year!

We will be announcing the 2017 shortlist on the 18th of August.

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